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Stuff to do with anything you’d put in your piehole.

Liver & Onions, on Bread

Liver & Onions

Organ meats in general – and liver in particular – are foodstuffs many people love to hate… which is a shame, cuz if done properly, they’re extremely good. This is mine. Prep Slice beef...

Braised Boneless Duck Feet

Braised Boneless Duck Feet

We’re lucky enough to have nearby an Asian store that carries duck feet that someone has already done the work of boning out. So no work, no worries – just pop these in your...

Adobong Sawa Ingredients

Adobong Sawa

From time immemorial, poor people have had to learn how to make due with what was handy to eat, and do what they could to make it not only edible but GOOD. The adobo...

Caviar Ravioli with Lobster Sauce

Caviar Ravioli with Lobster Sauce

The back story: When I was just a little critter, twelve maybe, we took a trip down to Washington, DC to see the sights. For whatever reason, while we were there we went to...



You NEED to add this to your culinary repertoire. What’s a frittata? Well, you can think of it as “scrambled eggs with stuff” or (if you must) a crustless quiche. (Since I can’t eat...

The House Bread - Finished Loaf

The House Bread

This is a nice crusty loaf I used to make a couple times a week. Sadly, I cannot eat wheat – it gets me quite sick – so I don’t as often as my...

Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Candy Canes

Candy Canes

Riffing a bit on J. K. Rowling, cuz why not? The “interesting” flavors come, of course, from Archie McPhee.